I don’t know anymore how often was told in my life to keep my mouth shut, not to get involved in situations which are “not my business” or told “stay out of something, you only run into trouble” but since my early years I do have a serious problem obliging to these well-meant “orders”, usually having come from family members or good friends. Since I remember I can’t stand injustice … not only that, it literally does hurt me physically! It doesn’t matter which kind of injustice … I just can’t bare it.

While watching the video-clips over and over again, I felt tears running down my cheeks … and increasing anger creeping up inside me. Anger about the deafening silence of the public as nobody on this planet should have to go through these nightmares!

What can be worse for a woman like Maysoon Zayid, who’s disabled and thus unable to fully take care of herself, during her menstruation to have her sanitary pad taken away and not returned nor getting permission to take one out of an carry-on luggage? Why on earth does a woman have to go through this public humiliation and embarassment which makes you only wish a hole would open up in front of you and swollow you? How can the one who ordered that live with that? This is a naive question but I still ask myself as it is inconceivable to me .. I blindly assume it was a man – how (hypothetically) would he feel, would anyone would do that to HIS wife? And if it was a woman … how would SHE feel were this done to her? Just imagine this situation – and understand the horror …

Or Hedy Epstein, back in 2003 she was 79 years old, Holocaust survivor, having lost her parents at the age of 14 to the horrors of the Nazi-regime, being called “terrorist” by the one who strip-searched and INTERNALLY searched her … HOW LOW CAN IT GET??
Do you by chance have a 82-year old grandmother? Imagine someone would do that to HER .. how would YOU feel?

Why was she called terrorist? Just because she doesn’t share the ideology? Doesn’t Israel consider herself a “democracy”?
Should anyone have the slightest doubts as to what constitutes a strip-and internal search .. click HERE and you get a rather detailed (NON graphic!) explanation!

I deeply feel for fellow blogger Laila el-Haddad, as well as Shereen Ewash and Hala Gores who were, just like Maysoon and Hedy, as children already traumatised by a regime who considers itself above the law, ignores human rights on a wide scale and seemingly does not respect what the “Fourth Geneva Convention” clearly states, that “Women shall be especially protected against any attack on their honour” … or the “Convention on the Rights of the Child” which says “NO child shall be subjected to … degrading treatment or punishment!”

As human being I apologize to these women as well as countless others who had to endure these humiliations. I feel terrible and helpless having to recognize, the human race descended to a low at which people can be publically humiliated by authorities and nobody cares or dares to stand up for them. This is NOT my understanding of justice … that is NOT in my name!


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