On Mother’s Day, mother of three children murdered in Gaza speaks of her suffering

Date: 21 / 03 / 2007 Time: 13:27

Gaza – Ma’an – “I will not accept the flowers or the perfume.” These are the words of Linda Ba’lousha Abu Taqiya, aged 30 and the wife of Bahaa Ba’lousha on Mother’s Day, whilst remembering her three children who were killed by unidentified gunmen on December 11th 2006.

The distraught mother said, “Three months since they left me, I feel that I have lived all my life as they are away from me, every new day means to me a new sad day of suffering and pain, sadness which strangles the feelings in my soul, this feeling is killing me thousands of times every day”.

Linda added, “The picture of Osama aged 8, Ahmad 6, and Salam 4, is before my eyes, I remember all the moments of joy I have lived with them”.

She said “I still remember the last words of Osama when he said ‘mum I have learnt by heart my dictation lesson and today I will get 10 out of 10’.

“Then he left for the car to take him to school, he did not know that monsters were awaiting him and emptied 60 bullets in his and his brothers’ heads, these bullets destroyed mine and my husband’s dreams.”

As Linda spoke tears streamed down her cheeks. “I can’t believe that I can’t see my three sons,” she said. “I wonder what the murderers achieved by killing them, they have stolen the most lovely thing in my life just because they want revenge, stupid revenge. I want to ask them: did you achieve your goals by killing three innocent children?”

She said out that she will put flowers on their graves today. Linda asked the killers, “How can you sleep while the blood of my sons is on your hands? How do you look into the eyes of your children and wives? How did you face the fear in the eyes of my children when you shot them? Aren’t the souls of my children chasing you?”


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