In order to get back to me, my dear friend Abufares tagged me with a LEADERSHIP test. Here’s what happened … I did the test three times – each time with a different number of questions (it’s kinda cheating, I know) … and sure enough, came up with THREE personalities! If THIS doesn’t attest to having at least schizoid personality-structure, I don’t know …

FIRST I was Saddam Hussein … OMG!!!!

… then, on taking it the second time, I was Mother Teresa …

… and to make the confusion complete while taking it a third time, I became JFK!

To my rescue I have to add that at the end I took the test with the different number of questions offered … and came up FOUR TIMES with JFK!!!

What I am REALLY? I have NO idea … a mixture of them all I suppose though I have severe doubts concerning the first.
I was trying to think hard to find a common denominator (like Abufares did with Pepe Le Pew) but pitifully failed … Abufares heeeelp – do you find a figure which incorporates all the THREE of them? I think I’m a hopeless case … it’s just good these tests are to be taken “cum grano sale” (with a “grain of salt”)!


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