Posted by Natalie Smolenski

Nearly 400 Palestinian children under 18 are currently being held in Israeli detention centers and prisons. They are often subjected to beatings, threats, and other torture. That puts Israel in the company of countries like Russia, which, along with Israel, is a signatory of the International Convention of the Rights of the Child. The Convention defines a child as anyone under 18 years of age. Indeed, Israel upholds this standard for Israeli children. On the other hand, Palestinian children as young as 14 are tried by Israeli military courts without legal representation and are held in adult prisons.

UPDATE: Lest we forget, the US has violated the same international standards for three children held in Guantanamo. Our “domestic” justice system (as opposed to whatever designation is appropriate for Guantanamo, extraordinary renditions, and CIA black hole sites) also leads the world in the number of known executions of children.

SOURCE: “The Brown Daily Squeal


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