The holocaust DID happen and any kind of question or doubt is wrong and a grave and intolerable insult to it’s victims … who were primarily though NOT ONLY Jews!

The Nazis – in their blind fanatism and utter insanity – also persecuted and slaughtered members of other groups they considered inferior, undesirable or dangerous.They included Poles and some other Slavic peoples such as Serbs; Soviets (particulary prisoners of war); Roma (also known as Gypsies); some Africans, Asians and others who did not belong to the “Aryan race”; the mentally ill and the physically disabled, homosexuals; and political opponents and religious dissidents such as communists, trade unionists, and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The holocaust was HORRIBLE and should NEVER have happened … needless to say, it is BY NO MEANS to be allowed to happen again!

There are some points I want to stress even though I am fully aware, I might touch an Achilles tendon or step into a hornet’s nest. Should anyone though have the idea to accuse me of being “anti-Semitic” as it happened already a number of times – you better think again! To be critical about certain facts is LIGHTYEARS away from being “anti -Semitic … all I do is put in words what I heard over and over again in Germany. I am anti-Zionist, NOT AT ALL anti-Semitic!

The website of the “Federal Foreign Office” (“Auswaertiges Amt”) states under “Atonement and Reparations” …

Since the conclusion of the Luxembourg Agreement of 1952 (payment of some EUR 1.53 billion), atonement and reparation has been a major political issue in relations between Israel and the Federal Republic of Germany. At the end of 2005, German reparations to victims of National Socialist persecution now living in Israel totalled approx. EUR 35 billion. About EUR 367 million is paid out annually in compensation pensions (largely under the Federal Compensation Act) and related payments to recipients in Israel. On top of this are substantial compensatory social security payments and payments for the equalization of burdens. Following the establishment of the foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future in 2000, compensation has also been paid from its funds to former victims of forced labour.
Israeli interests in reparation and restitution are also represented by the Jewish Claims Conference (CC). The CC disburses one-off payments and monthly pensions to hardship cases who are not eligible for compensation under the Federal Compensation Act.”

As there is NO APPARENT SIGN that German “reparations” will stop anytime soon – I start to wonder if they are “bottomless”! TILL WHEN is Germany supposed to pay if – in particular – as most cynical and ironic twist, the VERY SAME PEOPLE who suffered and are supposed to receive these compensations, turn to Germany in their old days as Israel seems to ignore their needs? How much money “does justice” anyway? Since when can life be expressed in money?

I was born in 1952, thus after the war and do – personally – not feel guilty. It was MY country which committed these crimes during the Nazi time and this responsibility I fully accept though I reject the idea, the German people, in particular born AFTER the war, are collectively guilty of terrible crimes, contrary to the democratic notion of individual responsibility for crime.

I for my part do my best to fight racism in ANY form, superiority-way-of-thinking and am on top “colorblind”.

I fully agree to generous payments for the victims – they were the ones who suffered and are fully entitled to receive these funds in order to safely and as pleasantly as possible live their remaining years of life – I do NOT agree though to paying these sums to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren anymore! Not only do they not have ANY direct connection with the NAZI-time … they are the ones who, as well collectively though upon order, at present oppress an entire population, occupy land which is not theirs thus engage in cruelty and injustice themselves.

These astronomical numbers – and the fact those people in need very obviously do not receive what they are supposed and entitled to, leaves certain questions … where did all this money go? Where are all those the billions?

As German who’s own family – due to their distinct anti-Nazi stand – greatly suffered during the war, I guess I deserve to know …

Apart from that … just for to give an idea about the dimensions:

Benefits to Israel of U.S.

Aid Since 1949 (As of November 1, 1997)

Foreign Aid Grants and Loans $74,157,600,000
Other U.S. Aid (12.2% of Foreign Aid) $9,047,227,200
Interest to Israel from Advanced Payments $1,650,000,000
Grand Total $84,854,827,200
Total Benefits per Israeli $14,630

Cost to U.S. Taxpayers of U.S. Aid to Israel

Grand Total $84,854,827,200
Interest Costs Borne by U.S. $49,936,680,000
Total Cost to U.S. Taxpayers $134,791,507,200
Total Taxpayer Cost per Israeli $23,240

Go figure …


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