OLIVE OIL – did you know that …

>> People living in the Mediterranean area who use olive oil as their main source of fat have the
world’s lowest mortality rate due to cardio-vascular illness. Finland and the United States, where people consume the highest amounts of saturated fat, have the highest.

>> Olive oil contains more monounsaturated fatty acids than any other fat or oil.

>> Olive oil is the most easily absorbed edible fat and it contains no cholesterol.

>> Using olive oil in place of saturated fats as the main fat in your diet may actually reduce
cholesterol levels.

>> You can bake with olive oil. Just substitute the same amount for the fat called for in the
recipe. The result is moist, even textured cake with a tender crumb.

>> You can fry with olive oil. When used in frying, olive oil coats food instead of being
absorbed. It also contains anti-oxidants and can be reused 4-5 times before being discarded. Other fats and oils can only be used twice.

>> There are numerous varieties of olives, and olive oil is the only cooking and salad oil that
offers a variety of natural flavors – no two are alike.

>> The olive tree is an evergreen.

>> The olive tree was first cultivated in 6,000 B.C.

>> Olive trees can live up to 600 years or more.

>> It takes 5-8 years before an olive tree will bear its first fruit.

>> There are over 800 million olive trees now planted worldwide.

>> Olive oil can keep for 2 years or more, longer than any other oil, if stored in a cool dark place.
>> Olive oil is the second best-selling type of oil and the fastest growing segment of fats and oils in the United States


One Response to “OLIVE OIL – did you know that …”

  1. oliveoilchic Says:

    Hi Olive Oil Lover,

    Thanks for your blog entry about Olive Oil. I wanted to tell you about a little cookbook; I wrote that you or your friends might be interested in. It is titled, Olive Oil Deserts. This book was seven years in the making and a year in re-design. Check out my blog for some of my recipes, I think you might just love them. And…. Keep on blogging about olive oil!

    Whatever the question,
    The answer is Dessert!
    (as long as it’s made with olive oil)

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