"The first word is to the first teacher!"

Talal is a newcomer to our cyberspace community. He’s a teacher at Nuseirat refugee camp in the Gaza Strip and I decided to give him a bit of a jump start by cross-posting his first post!

There is a famous saying in our culture says that the person who learns me a word,im ready to be a slave for him!!! surely, im not going to be a slave for anyone, but sometimes we feel we are deeated and speachless as a result of prisoned willig!

MANSOUR THABET/ABU GHASSAN, is the teacher of too many people who passed through the different jails of Israel..he spent 20 years in these jails and finally, he was released with greater willing and challengable saul…my short experience is so small with reference to his..butduring those months we were together,he was enough strong and cultured to feed us with his rich and special experience!Generations of palestinians were arrested and released while he was spending his unfair,aggressive judgment of the military israel court…he always said:im used to welcome and goodbying prisoners!

After freedom, he continued his suffering journey, but through social work in this stage…
he established some social and developmental associations and worked hard to help children in camps .now he is the president of afaq jadeeda for children,women and development…he spends too many hours drawing smiles on the faces of camps children
…now…in these gloomy days,
he is lying on his cold bed, suffering from cancer of colon …the bad medical conditions in the gaza strip don’t succeed in helping him … too many children from camps unrwa schools visit him .. they cry and pray for him .. as usual,, abu ghassan hugs and begins to relax! this scene seems to everyone that the children are the patient and he is the doctor who treats them!

Israel is completing the role of cancer in the killing of abu ghassan: they refused to allow him to enter israel to have the chemical treatment, for security reasons!!!!!!!!securiti…security…security…the holy cow of israel! How many children have been killed as a result of this holy cow?
how can an aged human who is suffering from cancer threat the security of israel??
isnt it a kind of black revenge?
Finally, i want to say that Abu Ghassan story is not unique here in the gaza strip … it happens everyday,but every moment under the suspecious silent of this immoral world! I believe that a man like abu ghassan will not die … the seeds of freedom,justic and peace which was grown inside us by him will grow and grow … these will be the trees of the future! Even the cancer and israel could defeat his body, all our children will hug his saul and sing the rhyme of their shining future!!!!


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