This post is LONG overdue !!

Sometimes I really wonder about people’s logic! I don’t accuse anyone of not having knowledge about history, specific informations about political events ect. – other people know other things I do not have a clue about and that is good so – but I DO blame them for pretending to be the wise guys and to know it all when it comes to criticizing others!

Yesterday morning I posted the article “Polite discussion on Zionism: Is it possible? which I consider to be one of – if not THE best I ever read on this topic. It is to the point, logical beyond belief and written in a way that even someone without any specific knowledge of the issue can understand. I knew it might draw some adverse reactions and am certainly open to a fair and civilized discussion but what I found this morning in my comment box, left me stunned and wonder “HOW on earth is that possible!”

I do wholeheartedly thank Jeffrey, the author of the comment, for giving me the chance to offer some clarification concerning certain concepts and terms. I planned on doing that a long time ago but after having gotten what felt like the one drop which make the bucket overflow, I finally sat down and started typing.

There are a number of expressions out there which are constantly confused, so please allow me to shed some light on them … even though I am afraid initially I need to create even more confusion!

Jeff wrote “So a Jew can not be an Antisemite – that is news to me“.

The simple answer is : NO – a Jew can NOT be anti-Semite as JEWS ARE(!) SEMITES !! How can they be against themselves? It is like shooting in the own foot!

Let me make this more clear … Semites are peoples who speak Semitic languages; the group includes Arabs, Aramaeans, Jews, and many Ethiopians. In a Biblical sense, Semites are peoples whose ancestry can be traced back to Shem, Noah’s eldest son.

The most prominent Semites today are Arabs and Jews!!

Clear? Ok – so in order to add another wrinkle to your forehead … a Semite is someone descended from Shem, the eldest son of Noah.

Whereas a Hebrew is someone descended from Heber (or, “Eber”), one of the great-grandsons of Shem. So all Hebrews are Semites, but not all Semites are Hebrews. (Both Sunnite Arabs and Jews are Semites, and Hebrews.) … which makes them BROTHERS!!!

Six generations after Heber, Abraham (Ibrahim) was born to his line, so Abraham (Ibrahim) was both a Hebrew and a Semite, born of the line of Heber and Shem. (SOURCE)

Judaism versus Zionism!

I guess these two words are the most confused and misinterpreted ones on this planet! I will try to explain …

is one of the three monotheistic faiths! The tenets and history of Judaism are the major part of the foundation of other Abrahamic religions, including Christianity and Islam.

By definition Judaism is …

1 – The monotheistic religion of the Jews, tracing its origins to Abraham and having its spiritual and ethical principles embodied chiefly in the Hebrew Scriptures and the Talmud.
2 – Conformity to the traditional ceremonies and rites of the Jewish religion.
3 – The cultural, religious, and social practices and beliefs of the Jews.
4 – The Jews considered as a people or community.

Zionism …

… is something completely different! It is an idology, a political movement and has nothing whatsoever to do with religion!
There is an excellent but long article on Palestine Remembered if you are interested to get more insight and thus understand better what it is all about – I put several excerpts in order to give an idea:

The Zionist Movement

The dispossession and expulsion of a majority of Palestinians were the result of Zionist policies planned over a thirty-year period.

Fundamentally, Zionism focused on two needs:

1 – to attain a Jewish majority in Palestine
2 – to acquire statehood

… irrespective of the wishes of the indigenous population. Non-recognition of the political and national rights of the Palestinian people was a KEY Zionist policy.

Chaim Weizmann, president of the World Zionist Organization, placed maximalist demands before the Paris Peace Conference in February 1919. He stated that he expected 70,000 to 80,000 Jewish immigrants to arrive each year in Palestine. When they became the majority, they would form an independent government and Palestine and would become: “as Jewish as England is English”. Weizmann proposed that the boundaries should be the Mediterranean Sea on the west; Sidon, the Litani River, and Mount Hermon on the north; all of Transjordan west of the Hijaz railway on the east; and a line across Sinai from Aqaba to al-Arish on the south. He argued that:

“… the boundaries above outlined are what we consider essential for the economic foundation of the country. Palestine must have its natural outlet to the sea and control of its rivers and their headwaters. The boundaries are sketched with the general economic needs and historic traditions of the country in mind.”

The long-term aims of the movement were based on certain fundamental tenets:

1 – The movement was seen not only as inherently righteous but also as meeting an overwhelming need among European Jews.

2 – European culture was superior to indigenious Arab culture; the Zionist could help civilize the East.

3 – external support was needed from a major power, relations with the Arab world were a secondary matter.

4 – Arab nationalism was a legitimate political movement but Palestinian nationalism was either illegitimate of non-existent.

5 – Finally – if the Palestinians would not reconcile themselves to Zionism, force majeure, not compromise, was the only feasible response!

There’s a tremendous wealth of further information on this above mentioned website so if you wish to improve your knowledge – go right ahead and click!

Even though brief – I hope I was able to shed at least SOME light on those topics and help to get a better understanding of what is what!


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