A Book for Peace

The book that mainstream publishers were too frightened to publish out of fear of offending Zionism is now published.

The true story ZIONISM: THE REAL ENEMY OF THE JEWS tells is thrilling, chilling and ultimately inspirational; but this epic, two-volume work is much more than a good read – a “page-turner” according to Jewish, Gentile and Arab/Moslem test readers. It is written in plain, everyday language to assist concerned and caring citizens everywhere, of all faiths and none, to understand how, really, the Palestine problem was created and became the cancer at the heart of international affairs; why a political solution has remained beyond the reach of diplomacy; and why, as a consequence, unending conflict in the Middle East is producing more and more deadly global fallout – 9/11 in America, terrorist bombs in Madrid and London and so on.


“Balanced, objective and beautifully crafted, there has never been a work which sheds such light, so comprehensively, on the difference between Judaism and Zionism and thus why it is perfectly possibly to be passionately anti-Zionist without being anti-Semitic or anti-Israel inside its 1967 borders; on how Zionism grew and the Zionist state of Israel functions with complete contempt for international law and the moral principles of Judaism; and on why Zionism must now be challenged and called to account – if the Palestinians are to have an acceptable minimum justice, if the twin monsters of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are to be stopped from going on the rampage and if a catastrophe for us all is to be averted.”


Says author Alan Hart: “There are awesomely powerful vested interests on both sides of the conflict, including governments, which would prefer the citizens of nations not to be aware of the documented truth contained in this book. And in their time-honoured tradition, supporters of Zionism right or wrong will use their influence to seek to minimise sales of this book and suppress the informed and honest debate it was written to make possible. But this Zionist veto on truth-telling and free thought and speech can easily be overridden – by concerned and caring citizens everywhere demanding the book.”


This book was written to provide the information needed for a Great Debate which must happen if the very last chance for peace is to be grasped, and, important of all, to empower citizens everywhere to participate in it. The author himself is committed to speaking on public platforms of all kinds around the world and to playing his part in the debate.

If you want to join in this debate you can start by posting your commentson this book in the Forum Section

If you want to organise an event with the author’s participation send your inquiry via the Contact Us page.


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