‘War is peace’

Nimer Sultany

Orwellian theories are being acted out in Israel – as persecution against Palestinians begins to echo 1984.

It is one thing to read George Orwell and Franz Kafka, it is quite another to live their texts. For us – Palestinians – Orwell and Kafka are not works of fiction but concrete reality.

Israel’s persecution of Azmi Bishara, the prominent Palestinian scholar, head of the National Democratic Assembly and – until recently – member of the Israeli Knesset, is only the recent articulation of this reality. After all, this is not the first Israeli attempt to criminalise Bishara or other Palestinian political leaders. The state hopes that by reframing his political agenda as treason, incitement to violence and support of terrorism, his ideas will lose legitimacy, his community will be intimidated and the establishment will not need to deal with the challenge that the Palestinian citizens of Israel present to the ideology of the state through their demands for equality.



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