In reference to FARFOUR …

Being a parent myself, I want to add a few words to the obviously snowballing row of this Mickey-Mouse-like figure “Farfour”.

I find it outrageous and most alarming and worrysome that children as young as three and even less are exposed to encouragement to hatred and violence! Children in Gaza are growing up with the horror of a brutal occupation and do NOT need to be exposed to TV-violence in their own homes as well! During the hours children sit – mostly in lack of other activities – watching children programs, they should be able to relax and feel safe, to be able to escape to another, a peaceful world and NOT be bombarded with hateful slogans like Bush, we shall win! Condoleezza, we shall win! Sharon, we shall win!” or “we will destroy the throne of the tyrants, we will pour the fire of death on them.”


Children are the worlds biggest imitators of not only adult behavior but as well of characters which are presented on TV, a good example being “SUPERMAN” which was copied by countless children to an extent that they even jumped out of windows only to pretend they are as “powerful” as their idol!

“This campaign of criticism is part of a plan orchestrated by the West and the occupying power to attack Islam on the one hand and the Palestinian cause on the other. We have our own ways to educate our children and any criticism of this approach is shocking interference in our internal affairs”

I respectfully and utterly disagree! This is FAR from being a plan “orchestrated by the West and the occupying power to attack Islam on the one hand and the Palestinian cause on the other”! It is nothing but common sense and natural for every parent to want to shield his/her child from ANY kind of violence, physical, psychological as well as ANY kind of hatred and incitement. Children must be allowed to be children, regardless who’s – and where! They must NOT be converted to “little adults” with hate-slogans and incitement to violence!

NOBODY wants to attack Islam by condemning these kind of messages, the opposite is true! Islam does NOT promote killing and fighting, IN PARTICULAR not encourage children to these kind of actions – it is a religion of love and compassion and EVERY incitement to violence and destruction the result of an an unfortunate interpretation.

These messages do tremendous harm to the Palestinian cause!! It is beyond me why this is not recognized – it is like a shot in the own foot and will only backfire internationally as ANY peaceful intentions of settling the conflict as well as acquiring a Palestinian State will be doubted and questioned from the beginning on!

My criticism of the “Farfour”- approach is personal – everyone has the right to his or her own opinion! I am talking as a mother. Children, to me, are all the same, I couldn’t care less who’s off-springs they are, which faith they or their parents have and which culture or country they come from. I care about ALL children, Palestinians as well as Israelis, as CHILDREN ARE CHILDREN!!

“The issue of what children are exposed to in Israel and the occupied territories is highly sensitive. History books in Israeli schools contain maps that do not mark the so-called “Green Line” surrounding Gaza and the West Bank and which, critics say, suggest Israeli children are being taught that the occupied territories are Israeli.”

Of course it is wrong that Israeli children have maps in their history books which do suggest the occupied territories belong to (maybe a “greater Israel”) – but two wrongs do not make one right … we’re not dealing with Algebra!

Whoever knows me is well aware of my dogged engagement for the Palestinian people, for their human as well as legal rights and justice but yet a spade must be allowed to be called a spade. Personally I am totally AGAINST violence in ANY form but understand the urge to resist the occupation – NON-violently that is!

The message being sent by “Farfour” is WRONG and harms that part of the Palestinian population which is too young to recognize what they are exposed to but will have to bare the consequences of this brainwash for years to come!


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