I found this alarming letter of Mohammad Omer, a 22-year old Gaza journalist who was the recipient of the “New America Media’s Youth Voice award”, at Steve’s blog.

Together with Robin and her 16-year old daughter I had the honor and pleasure to meet him twice after his
presentation last December and was highly impressed by a courageous young man who does not allow personal tragedies (in October of 2003, one of Mohammad’s younger bothers, Issam, was injured and had to have a leg amputated. Later in the same month another younger brother, Hussam Al-Mouhagir, was killed in his home) to stop him from reporting from Gaza, nowadays – besides of Iraq – most likely the most dangerous place on this planet!

What I read made my blood curdle. To learn this way about him just narrowly having escaped death, shocked me deeply – it shows the abysmal madness of the situation and makes one wonder if these so-called “security forces” lost their sanity whatsoever and together with that, the ability to make any rational decisions. It appears to me that it is the force of the brute which is governing Gaza with seemingly nobody being in charge. There is not much time left for a strong hand to slam the fist on the table and enforce order and security … the Israeli MERKAVAS are waiting, their engines running – and the people of Gaza about to sink into an even deeper depression and despair!

Here is Mohammad’s letter … I can feel his tremendous fear, the horror!

Dear friends,

I’m scared, I was almost killed or at least bleeding
till death. Three militants were closing all roads and
they suddenly, they told me to stop for the curfew, I
stopped and then the masked-men opened fire at me
hitting the ground under my feet. I thought I’d been killed;
I couldn’t even scream because the shooting was louder than my screams.

Finally I was able to be heard and said:” No,
don’t do that, stop stop, please”. Oh, I was in tears,
this is the first time I’m begging someone not to kill
me, and then a militant standing by said, “We don’t want to kill
him, lets shoot him in his legs and leave him to bleed”.
I said, “What? why?” and then he said, “your ID”. I showed them
my press card and then they let me go. I was
scared that they would shoot me as soon as I turned my
back, but Alhamdllah this didn’t happen. I was scared,
scared, scared to death.

This was not a pleasant experience,
and after this, I got stuck
and could not find transport back home, so I went
walking in the streets. I’m scared to death. Those are
just evil and terrible people. I don’t wish to be in
that position again. I can’t stand on my feet
anymore, I feel pain and scared. Those people are working for
preventive security, which is working closely with the
Israelis. I was wearing my bullet proof vest, but this
didn’t protect me enough. Today, more than 10 were
killed and tens were injured, many by Israelis, but
still some by Palestinian clashes between Hamas and
Fateh. They don’t want this to be reported. I didn’t
tell my mother about this, she will be scared again!

Sad greetings! Mohammed

Meet Mohammad the way Robin and I did … last December, during one of his presentations!


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