In light of the recent infighting in the Gaza Strip between Hamas and Fateh, which has claimed over 30 lives in the past week alone, the Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy MIFTAH strongly calls for an immediate cessation of all hostilities between the two sides.

The infighting, which has raged on in the Gaza Strip especially for several months, has seen a sharp escalation over the past week despite repeated calls by the Palestinian leadership and key political figures for a halt to the fighting. While a truce between the two factions was assumedly reached, there has been no sign so far of any practical implementation of the ceasefire on the ground.

MIFTAH warns of the extremely grave consequences such fighting has and will continue to have on the Palestinian people and their cause. Not only has there been a senseless loss of lives, such fractures in society will ultimately result in a complete social and political breakdown, the signs of which have already begun to surface among the Palestinians.

MIFTAH calls upon the leadership of Fateh and Hamas, including all parties within the government and presidency, to demand an immediate and complete halt to the fighting. The use of arms between members of the same society should be banned regardless of the nature of the dispute, including political, ideological or social differences. MIFTAH also calls on President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh in their capacity as leaders in the government and also key leaders in the two rivalry factions to bring reason and calm to their followers in both words and actions.

The recent developments in the Gaza Strip can only have catastrophic results. While the lives of those lost are undoubtedly the most immediate and devastating ramifications of such fighting, the corruption of our social fabric and the eradication of our national cause are all at stake.

The magnitude of the damage such actions have and will continue to cause cannot be emphasized enough. MIFTAH calls on all of our people and influential regional players to persuade the short-sighted components of our society to lay down their arms and realize what will ultimately be sacrificed if this chaos continues.

Source: MIFTAH


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