East Jerusalem: no state in sight

Settlements have overwhelmed Jerusalem, making the Dome of the Rock but an insignificant speck in the prospect of the city.

The chances of a Palestinian state are fast diminishing, as Israel forges ahead with the Judaisation of East Jerusalem, writes Stuart Reigeluth

Another Jewish settlement is being built. It is called Nev Tzion/ Manthar Al-Thahabi (the Golden View) because it overlooks Jerusalem and the Dome of the Rock. The settlement is located in the middle of the Arab neighbourhood of Jabal Mukabir. On the back of Israeli buses, advertisements claim that the prices for apartments at Nev Tzion have reached $200,000, providing a bargain for European and American Jews who might possibly desire a vacation home in the Holy Land, the “Eternal Capital of Israel”, as the former Israeli prime minister, Menachem Begin (who also annexed the Golan Heights in 1981) once called Jerusalem.



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