The Media’s Distortion of Palestine and Islam

How the western media twists information in order to placate home governments and demonize the Arab world.

Rifat Qatuni prepares his unborn baby for burial
following a largely unreported Israeli invasion[Ma’anImages]

By Cara Loverock

Last week, a story broke regarding a children’s television program broadcast on al-Aqsa TV, owned and operated by the Hamas movement. The children’s show, entitled ‘Tomorrow’s Pioneers’, featured a large mouse character, similar to Mickey Mouse, and spoke of resisting Israel and fighting for Islam. The numerous media outlets which covered this story have provided a clear picture of the racially prejudiced way in which the western world sees Arabs and Palestinians in particular. In a deconstruction of some of the news reporting on this issue, the bias of the west and its unconditional support of Israel and Israeli violations against Palestinians become glaringly obvious.

The story was picked up by all major news organizations in North America. Atika Shubert reported for CNN, and provided a skewed report showing a very narrow view of the Israeli-Palestinian issue, without doing more than to further demonize Palestinians and Islam. It was only at the very end of the report, in which Palestinian Minister of Information Mustafa Barghouthi mentioned the apartheid system in the occupied Palestinian territories, and the hard life inflicted on the residents of Gaza, that the report began to show a small amount of balance and reason.

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