New Israeli publicity stunt: Qassam rockets sent to embassies overseas as part of new PR campaign

Date: 25 / 05 / 2007 Time: 16:38

Bethlehem – Ma’an – Some of the Qassam projectiles fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel have found their way to London, Paris and Brussels this week.

According to Israeli press sources, the Israeli foreign ministry sent on Wednesday a number of these homemade Palestinian projectiles to their embassies in Europe, via the diplomatic post, as part of a campaign to raise foreign awareness about the dangers of these projectiles.

The sources said that the Israeli foreign ministry has requested its ambassadors and embassy staff present these projectiles during their meetings with their foreign counterparts in order to explain the dangers of these projectiles.

The sources said that this Israeli step comes after the American and European media ignored the projectile-launching. The Israeli sources suggested that this neglect was because the foreign media was not interested unless Israel started shelling the Gaza Strip in response.

The Israeli foreign ministry suggested that the US mass media was ignoring the projectiles because it was preoccupied with the situation in Iraq; meanwhile it suggested the lack of European coverage was due to France’s concentration on the recent presidential elections.The political echelons in Israel hope that this publicity stunt will improve the public support for Israel in those countries.

I wonder what the Palestinian people would be able to send: how about shattered dreams? Despair of not being able to feed a family? Not having a home due to wide spread house destructions – of course all in the name of “security”? How about dispossession and displacement? Discrimination? CONSTANT humiliation? The house-keys of people who’s greatest dream is to return to the places where they were born? Isn’t that the most fundamental right a person has? All that wrapped up and delivered via media … would the world get the idea of what is happening?

I am absolutely AGAINST the attacks with Qassam-rockets. Apart from the civilians hit on the Israeli side – unacceptable alone from the human point of view EVEN THOUGH Israeli military does target, injure and kill GAZAN CIVILIANS on a daily basis – it is flat out insane to step on the toes of a military giant – to get flexed muscles in return is inevitable and to be expected!

There MUST be another way, a NON-violent as it is tantamount to get the world opinion BEHIND the Palestinian people and rectify the whole picture which, up to now, is TOTALLY lopsided! The vicious circle has to be broken … bilaterally and at the SAME TIME – one side only is meaningless and doomed to fail from square one!! It is the question of occupier versus occupied … who is who is clear.

The cause of it all is the OCCUPATION, a word Mr. Shimon Peres refuses to accept even though the entire world KNOWS, Israel is OCCUPYING Palestinian land AND people!
This occupation MUST BE LIFTED … only then the healing process will be able to start and the situation will gradually defuse!

The Palestinian people are wonderful, hospitable and kind … they deserve MUCH BETTER than what they were plunged into – by Israel in the first hand as well as lately their own!


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