The Balanced Brain Test

The Balanced Brain Test™ is not a clinical psychometric. It is merely an exercise and not meant to be used as a test of psychological stability or instability. It is a construct to help people explore balance in their lives.

The Balanced Brain Test™ depicts the view that you have of yourself. It is meant to be a broad-stroke picture of how you see yourself at the time you are taking the test. Taking the BBT™ several times over many weeks and/or months will give you a more accurate snap-shot picture of how balanced you tend to be. Having several other people take the test while thinking of you will give you another snap-shot of how people view you. Neither view is “real.” Both are perceptions. Read chapter 2 of the book: Perception is reality.

You can choose to share your Balanced Brain Test™ results with others, but your test results are completely hidden from us at We are not keeping track of your results, nor do we even know who you are.

Are you ready to see how balanced or “normal” you really are? Click the button below to take the test!



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