Eco-Disaster Threatens Millions – Warning

More than a billion people will be made homeless by 2050 because of climate change, a leading charity has warned.

This is on top of the 155 million who have already lost their homes through conflict, disaster and large-scale development projects.

Christian Aid says the developing world will be particularly badly hit.
Spokesman John Davison said: “The impact of climate change is the great, frightening unknown in this equation.

“Only now is serious academic attention being devoted to calculating the scale of this new human tide.

“Even existing estimates predict hundreds of millions of people will be forced from their homes by floods, drought and famine sparked by climate change.

“We believe that forced migration is now the most urgent threat facing poor people in the developing world.”

Mr Davison said security analysts feared the mass movement of people could spark new conflicts and put further pressure on those already brewing.

“A world of many more Darfurs is the increasingly likely nightmare scenario,” he added.

Christian Aid is calling for “urgent action” from the international community.

The report is entitled Human Tide: The Real Migration Crisis.


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