Former UN Mideast envoy quits, says UN is submissive to Israel

Alvaro de Soto, the Peruvian born diplomat, quit his post as Mid East envoy to the UN last month in protest. He claims that UN policy had failed in the region because the organization cowers to Israeli and US demands.

Up until this resignation, De Soto had worked for the UN in various countries for 25 years.

He outlined his discontent in a 53 page leaked document addressed to top UN officials. In the document, he condemns the economic boycott imposed on Palestine as well as diplomatic restrictions barring him from talking to Syria or Hamas.

De Soto is quoted as saying that, “Even-handedness has been pummeled into submission in an unprecedented way since the beginning of 2007.”

He also reveals his disgust towards both the Hamas charter, which calls for the destruction of he Israeli state, and Israeli policies in the region, which he says have been ironically designed with the goal of bringing about more violence from Palestinians. De Soto explains, “I don’t honestly think the UN does Israel any favors at all by not speaking frankly to it about its failings regarding the peace process.”

De Soto has been replaced by Michael Williams, a diplomat of British origin.

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