A mosquito buzzing around your head in particular when you’re desperately trying to fall asleep, making short touch downs on your exposed body parts while playing Dracula by sucking – in comparison to it’s size – a remarkable amount of blood out of your body – and then the TERRIBLE ITCHING which is about to drive you nuts …

A few words to introduce this pest a bit more in detail:

Mosquito magnified by an electron microscope


• The mosquito’s visual picture is an infrared view produced by its prey’s body temperature.

• The average life span of the female mosquito is 3 to 100 days; the male’s is 10 to 20 days.

• Mosquito adults feed on flower nectar and juices of fruits for flight energy.

• The female requires a blood meal for egg development

• Depending on species, female mosquitoes may lay 100 to 300 eggs at a time and may average 1,000 to 3,000 during their lifespan.

• The mosquito matures from egg to adult in 4 to 7 days.

• Most mosquitoes remain within 1 mile of their breeding site. A few species may range up to 20 miles or more.

• Several mosquito species are known carriers of significant diseases of man and domestic animals.

• There are 140 different kinds in the world.

• Female Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon-dioxide and will pierce the skin of people and other warm-blooded animals to suck blood, causing a painful swelling.

• The larvae feed on algae and organic matter. They are full grown in 2 – 14 days.

• The pupae still swim about actively, but do not feed as pupae. Eyes, legs and wings can be seen developing.

• Adults emerge after 1 – 14 days.

MORE INFORMATION for those who’re not itching too badly yet …


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