Palestinians look at a destroyed statue of the Unknown soldier in Gaza

By Nidal al-Mughrabi / DAR AL HAYAT
Palestinians look at a destroyed statue of the Unknown Soldier in Gaza June 17, 2007. Palestinian radical Islamist group took advantage of the take over of Gaza Strip by the Islamist Hamas movement to uproot the statue in Gaza City, a symbol of Arab fight against Israel.

I had an intention to write about the assassination of the Iraqi female journalist Sahar Haidari and the statement of Ansar al-Sunnah announcing that its “brave” fighters had punished her for “collaborating with Iraqi apostate police and the government of renegade Nouri al-Maliki”.

I was shocked by the statement issued by the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). It said that the “brave” militants confiscated the cellular phone of the victim and answered those who called to ask about her by saying: “She went to hell”.

I intended to write about the spread of the “brave” fighters and their program that aims at transferring journalists, scholars and academics to hell. But I found myself writing about the “braves” who are shedding the blood of the Palestinians in the streets of Gaza. I was also shocked by news agencies reports saying that the “fratricidal war” has reached the extent of carrying out exchanged liquidations in the hospitals’ corridors.

I think that every Palestinian and Arab citizen felt frustrated and pained and was filled with disgust, anger and shame at what he read or heard yesterday morning. Gunmen threw a man from the 18th floor. A mosque Imam was killed in an ambush set up by gunmen. Resistance fighters ambushed and killed another fighter. Gunmen burst into the home of an official. Gunmen responded by raiding the house of another official. Masked men are on full alert. There are bullets, missiles, snipers, corpses and threats of retaliation.

Away from overly polite language, symbols, references, metaphors, excessive serenity and impartiality and betting on the sages in both teams, it is time for plain talk. I accuse Hamas and Fatah movements of doing a more serious damage to the Palestinian Cause than the Israeli enemy never managed to do. I accuse them of spilling the blood of the Resistance fighters in a civil war sparked by factional bigotry. I accuse them of lacking the minimum essential level of national responsibility. It is unreasonable that a Palestinian sheds the blood of another Palestinian near or below the flying flags of the occupation.

Any supporter of the Palestinian Cause has the right to ask the leaders of the two movements: what about the statements that considered the Palestinian infighting and the civil war red lines? Where is the red line? Why did they cross it after a series of maneuvers and intrigues? Why did they miss the opportunity provided by the Mecca agreement to rearrange the Palestinian house and restore the red line?

Tomorrow, no one will believe the story of the ‘unruly elements’, the joint committees and the cease-fire, which will be considered as a mere truce in preparation for another round of a civil war in stages. What will the two leaderships say to the families of the civil war’s martyrs, whether from al-Aqsa Brigades or Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades? No one will believe the story of the ‘fifth column’ or the ‘malicious group’.

Gaza was a major concern for Ehud Olmert. He was at his wits’ end about it. Most probably he was not dreaming of a present as big as the one he received in the past two days. This is shameful and frightening.

What concerns us is that Lebanon is also heading toward a hot suicidal summer, which constitutes another gift for Olmert that would make him forget the bitterness of last summer and the findings of the Winograd Committee.

Fatah and Hamas should have reflected on the continued detention of British journalist Johnston in Gaza and the success of the Shaker al-Absi group in hijacking the Nahr el-Bared camp.

The Palestinian Cause is threatened with hijacking and the massacre of the two factions facilitates this hijack.



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