Gaza’s women journalists threatened

Women journalists in Gaza have received death threats from a fanatical Islamic group calling itself the Swords of Truth.

It is a shadowy organisation responsible for several attacks on internet cafes; now it is targeting female broadcasters whom it accuses of being shameless and immoral.In a statement sent to the government-run Palestine TV last week, the extremists said they would “cut throats from vein to vein” if women journalists did not cover their hair.

Staff at the channel, along with colleagues from other media,have been demonstrating over the past week, demanding action from the government.

Although female broadcasters have said they will keep on working, they are now taking precautions.

However, in the increasingly anarchic society of Gaza, many fear there will be a long-term impact on working women.

Shiulie Ghosh is joined from Gaza by Lana Shaheen, the head of English programming at Palestine TV and an on-air correspondent for Jordanian television, and Lama Hourani, from the Palestinian Working Women Society for Development.

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