Quiz: What’s Your Spiritual Type?

“What’s your religion?” It used to be such a simple question to answer. But now you might be “spiritual but not religious”–or raised in one faith but practicing another. Maybe you’re a Methodist but think of yourself more as an evangelical, or a seeker who is anti-religion–or born again. The old categories don’t seem to work because the religious landscape has changed so much.

The quiz is meant to help you learn about your self, see how you compare with others, and have a little fun. Please allow about 10 minutes for completion. Afterward, you might want to visit our message boards to meet others with similar scores.

Q1. I believe that God:

1. Exists and intervenes in daily events
2. Exists but does not intervene in daily events
3. Is a spiritual ideal, not an actual being
4. Does not exist

Q2. When I think about issues of faith or spirituality, my foremost concern is:

1. A sense of connection to something larger than myself
2. A rational understanding of whether religious claims are valid
3. A personal relationship with God
4. A framework of morality and hope

Q3. I believe the scripture I know best (the Bible, the Koran, etc.) is:

1. Mostly or entirely mythology
2. Divinely inspired and mostly true
3. Divinely written and accurate
4. Should be viewed mainly as storytelling or metaphor, not a literal account

Q4. Which of these statements comes closest to expressing your most basic view regarding faith?

1. Faith is important because it helps us cope with the struggles and hardships of life
2. Faith is important because it makes the world a better place, by encouraging love and moral behavior
3. Faith is not important
4. Faith is important because it fulfills God’s wishes and protects our souls

Q5. I believe that the universe we observe:

1. Is natural in origin, but has higher spiritual aspects
2. Was created supernaturally
3. Is completely natural and has no higher aspect
4. Was created under divine guidance, but using natural physics

Q6. I think prayer is:

1. Heard by God or angels, and for many people God or angels responds
2. Heard but no answer should be expected
3. Worthless
4. Best understood as a form of meditation or moral awareness

Q7. I think that following life:

1. There is an afterlife for the virtuous but no hell; the evil simply cease to exist
2. There is reincarnation or some other condition
3. There is nothing
4. There is an afterlife in which we are judged, then rewarded or punished

Q8. Evil is present in the world because:

1. Of human failings; evil has no supernatural component
2. God or a Higher Power wishes to test people
3. It is impossible to have free will without evil
4. Humanity is sinful by nature

Q9. I believe that angels:

1. Exist and intervene to assist the pure-hearted
2. Exist but only watch us, taking no action
3. Exist only on the spiritual plane, not in this life
4. Do not exist

Q10. I believe that the Devil or demons:

1. Exist and are active on Earth, working to corrupt men and women
2. Exist in the form of temptation to sin, not as specific beings
3. Do not exist
4. Exist but only in the supernatural realm, not in this life

Q11. If I had to categorize my own religious and spiritual beliefs, I would say they are:

1. Moderate; part of me is spiritual and part of me is skeptical
2. Agnostic, or hold no spiritual beliefs
3. Unshakable in my beliefs; I rarely experience doubt
4. Strongly committed to my faith, though sometimes I am troubled by unanswered questions

Q12. Regarding those who hold beliefs that are sharply different from mine, I think:

1. It’s amazing the sort of nonsense some people will believe
2. Since many people acquire their beliefs through upbringing or social circumstances, we should not judge
3. All beliefs are equally valid
4. They may be sincere but are mistaken or ill-informed

Q13. Regarding the formal teachings of specific denominations, I:

1. Accept most or all of what my faith teaches
2. Accept some of what my faith teaches but also reject some
3. Reject most or all formal teachings of faith
4. Take practically everything taught by faith with a grain of salt

Q14. Each day’s newspaper brings reports of crimes, natural disasters, and disease. My most basic reaction is:

1. My faith is tested because I cannot understand how a just God could tolerate the agony of the world
2. I feel sadness, but accept that both the good and the bad of life are somehow part of God’s plan
3. Such tragedies make me confused about the nature of the Higher Power
4. Tragedies and disasters in the world convince me there is no God

Q15. Regarding science and religion, I think:

1. Science eventually will disprove religion
2. We should be suspicious of scientists, since most of them are atheists
3. Scientific findings trouble me at times but do not reduce my faith, because science helps me understand God’s creation
4. Science and faith seem to me two aspects of the same search for ultimate truth

Q16. In my view, God:

1. Either does not exist, or God’s nature can never be known
2. Exists but is remote from human events
3. Is present at some times and absent at others
4. Is everywhere and observes everything

Q17. I think children should:

1. Be raised to practice the faith of their parents
2. Be taught spiritual awareness but also to avoid affiliating with formal religion
3. Be encouraged to reject faith in favor of secular philosophy
4. Be exposed to many religious traditions and encouraged to make their own choices

Q18. Which of these four statements comes closest to reflecting your views about the character of existence?

1. Higher purpose comes about through some combination of human and divine effort
2. People should be moral and loving, but life itself is a chemical accident lacking inherent meaning
3. Higher purpose in the universe is everywhere, divinely created and preexistent
4. Regardless of whether we are natural or supernatural in origin, we can give meaning to our lives by practicing love and morality

Q19. What frustrates me most about faith is:

1. That even having faith and treating others well does not prevent bad things from happening to me or my loved ones
2. That ultimate events such as the Second Coming do not happen
3. That religions continue to create barriers and hostility between people
4. That God allows so much suffering and evil

Q20. In regards to religion and morality:

1. I think it’s impossible to be moral without being religious
2. It’s possible but difficult to be moral without reminders from religion
3. It’s entirely possible to develop and live by a good moral code without religion
4. Religion makes it harder to be a moral person

Q21. I believe there is a spirit world:

1. Made up of angels
2. Made up of the souls of people who lived before
3. Made up of spirits different from us
4. There is no spirit world

Q22. The spiritual quest for me is mostly about:

1. Keeping in touch with something greater than myself
2. Learning to lead a good life or finding inner peace
3. Fulfilling a psychological need
4. Finding a connection to God

Q23. Nature is:

1. Entirely a product of natural forces
2. A spiritual force in itself
3. Mainly natural, but so majestic it is evidence of a Higher Power
4. Supernaturally created by God

Q24. To be valuable to me, religion and spirituality must be sought:

1. As part of a congregation or religious community
2. Partly with a group and partly by myself
3. Largely in private
4. Not at all

Q25. Do you find the keys to spiritual fulfillment through:

1. Watching people treating each other well
2. Prayer
3. Worship services
4. Books, music, or nature

Here’s how to interpret your score:

25 – 29
Hardcore Skeptic — but interested or you wouldn’t be here!
30 – 39
Spiritual Dabbler — Open to spiritual matters but far from impressed
40 – 49
Active Spiritual Seeker – Spiritual but turned off by organized religion
50 – 59
Spiritual Straddler – One foot in traditional religion, one foot in free-form spirituality
60 – 69
Old-fashioned Seeker — Happy with my religion but searching for the right expression of it
70 – 79
Questioning Believer – You have doubts about the particulars but not the Big Stuff
80 – 89
Confident Believer – You have little doubt you’ve found the right path
90 – 100
Candidate for Clergy


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