Those Who Do Not Want Hamas Will Get al Qaida

Henry Siegman Al-Hayat – 24/06/07//

With but rare exceptions, the government and the media in Israel, as in most countries throughout the world, have reacted to last week’s developments in Gaza with either an innocence or a hypocrisy that is truly breathtaking.

The savagery and humiliations that marked Hamas’ treatment of Fatah activists and their institutions in Gaza over a period of five days was appalling. It was comparable to the savageries and humiliations inflicted on the Palestinian population by Israel’s occupation over a period of 40 years – especially the past five years.

I make the comparison not to justify Hamas’ brutalities – they shame and discredit the organization and the cause it professes (as did their suicide bombings of civilians, which have stopped), no less than Israel’s occupation and brutalities shame the Jewish people and its values – but to note the hypocrisy of the politicians’ and media pundits’ moralizing.

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