Herbal Medicine

Herbal MedicineBasil

Basil was originally grown in India. It was introduced to Europe in the Middle Ages. The traditions and opinions associated with this plant have been divergent. Some cultures associated basil with hatred and bad omens whereas others associated it with love. Some ancient herbalists refused to take basil internally while others, especially in traditional Indian medicine, recommended that basil be inhaled as an infusion with vinegar for those who faint.
Rub fresh basil leaves over insect bites to reduce the infection and itching. It is recommended to drink an infusion of basil leaves immediately after childbirth to restore the proper functioning of the vagina. The tincture of basil leaves is beneficial for cases of irritability and for coughs and bronchitis. Prepare a wash by mixing equal amounts of the tincture with honey, to be used to cleanse the areas affected by ringworm or itching. Boil the tincture with cinnamon and cloves to treat shivers.
The aromatic oil obtained from basil leaves has many uses. Add 5 to 10 drops of the oil to the bath water when you are nervous or mentally tired, distressed or agitated. Dilute 5 drops of basil oil with 10 drops of almond oil and rub the mixture over the chest to treat coughs and inflammations of the wind pipes. This mixture is also beneficial to rub over weak nerves and to ward off insects.
Do not use the aromatic oil of basil leaves externally or internally during pregnancy.

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