Talk of deals with Syria and Iran and its consequences for American interests

Raghida Dergham
Al-Hayat – 29/06/07

Many scenarios are competing in what has come to be called the hot summer that is coming to the Middle East, carrying with it all kinds of wars, direct and by proxy, between armies and militias and mercenaries. Restrained wars for bargains and unrestrained war. Wars that drag you to wider regional wars among nations, and wars that import from failed states, such as Iraq, volunteers whose only profession is destructive war and the removal of the other’s faith and its abolition.

Many of these wars, if they come, will be under the title of hostility to the United States and retaliation for the destruction of Iraq and its protection of Israel from accountability for the occupation. However, most of these wars are related to the power ambitions of local players and the greed of the hegemonic regional players. And because the nature of wars in this time of volunteers, anarchists and organized militias withdraw from the states’ control, and could affect stability in the region, then international players are advised to stop dealing with the issues and parties to the Middle East region in the way they have before, and to act at the level of the responsibility placed on their shoulders. This means that the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Mon, has the opportunity to play the role of visionary, which requires firmness and taking the initiative so that he can have a distinct place with meaning and usefulness. It also requires him to distance advisers and staff that weigh him down to bring in experts and strategic thinkers that can assist him in the implementation of his vision.

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