Some 6,000 Palestinians stranded at Rafah crossing, including hundreds of patients

Rafah, June 30, 2007 (RNA)

The number of Palestinians stranded at the Egyptian side of Rafah border crossing, southern Gaza Strip, those want to be back into the Gaza Strip has reached some 6,000 including hundreds of patients.

Head of emergency department at the Palestinian Ministry of Public health, Moaawiah Hassanein, said some 500 patients are among the people stranded at the crossing including patients who suffer of chronic diseases; cancer and blood diseases.

Those patients left Gaza Strip for medical services in Arab and foreign hospitals

Hassanein added that some 15 patients, in Gaza Strip hospitals, are in need to travel abroad for treatment due to lack of Medical Systems, however the Ministry of Public health can’t transfer them because of the closure of Rafah crossing.

He appealed Arab and Islamic Health Ministries as well as International Organizations to interfere immediately to solve the crisis of the stranded on Rafah Crossing especially that the bulk are women, children and patients.

Meanwhile, spokeswomen of the European Union EU Monitors at the Rafah Crossing Maria Telera said that the EU monitors suspended their work following the last serious developments in the Gaza Strip.

Source: Ramattan


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