QUIZ … hot topic

1Why was Libby sentenced to jail?

a – For stealing state secrets

b – For plotting against the president

c – For tipping off Democrats about Republican scandals

d – For perjury

2 – What is the common explanation as to how Lewis Libby got his nickname?

a – He loved scooters as a child

b – He ‘scooted’ around his cot as a child

c – It was the first word he learned to say

d – Because of his resemblance to Scooter on the Muppet Show

3 – How many of the 153 death-row clemency requests submitted to George Bush when he was governor of Texas did he approve?

a – 0

b – 1

c – 10

d – 100

4 – How many people did Bill Clinton pardon on his last day of office?

a – 50

b – 280

c – 140

d – 0

5 – Who was pardoned in 2006 on the advice of the British government?

a – Guy Fawkes

b – Jonathan Aitken

c – Joan of Arc

d – More than 300 first world war British soldiers executed for cowardice

CORRECT ANSWERS: 1-d, 2-b, 3-b, 4-c, 5-d

Source: Guardian Unlimited


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