ROBIN tagged me …

It is always that way: when you LEAST expect it, it hits you smack in the face!

My very dear friend and sister ROBIN decided I wasn’t tagged for a LONG time and in order to make my Saturday (or Sunday), gave me some homework!

I am supposed to give eight biographical facts about myself … so here it goes in no particular order:

1 – I am in general a very social person but do need some solitude so here and there! While living in the Middle East, in that situation I would close my cellphone as well as the radio/CD player in the car, grab some fruit and a some bottles of water/drinks, fix some sandwiches … and take off in the early morning to the desert. I was an absolutely happy camper there alone, listening to the wind, enjoying the solitude! I would climb onto small hills and sit there or simply sit on the ground, seemingly starring into nowhere … doing nothing.
That was what gave me back my equilibrium, what set me straight … what allowed me to catch up with myself. After such a day I felt like a different person … I had recharged my batteries!

2 – I absolutely LOVE SCUBA-diving! I took a two-week-course in 1972 in Italy (Island of Elba) and am crazy about it ever since! While diving, I thoroughly enjoyed (besides of the underwater fauna and flora of course!), the feeling of weightlessness, of floating … it’s unreal and simply fascinating and after one knows what to do and what not, not scary at all!

3 – I am miserable in HOT and HUMID weather … this combination is a sure recipe for making me feel awful – it simply chokes me! I can handle DRY heat rather well – I simply drink without end … but the above mentioned combination is terrible for me!
I am doing MUCH better with cool or cold weather … when I can add pieces of clothes for to keep warm or to come home into a toasty warm environment.

4 – I love people in general as well as to learn about their different cultures – not only do I find this fascinating, I think diversity is the key word here, THAT’S what is all about! I had just turned 22 when I was in Kabul, Afghanistan and went one day alone to the local souk to shop for meat and veggies! I had long blond hair and wore jeans and a T-shirt and NOBODY disrespected or even touched me, everyone was polite and helpful . That was my “key-event” at which I learned, that the moment you respect others, it boomerangs right back to you!

5 – I love to fly! For my 40th birthday I got a bit of an unusual gift: a flight lesson with a 2-seater Cessna. The teacher showed me what to check before take off and off we went. She made me take off by myself and sat near me seemingly inactive and only watching and allowed me to turn the plane left and right, descend a bit in order to ascend again, fly in a circle… and once, after some 45 minutes, the “class” was over, I was supposed to land! I had never sat in a plane as pilot before and flatout refused … and let the teacher take over. I LOVED the minutes in the air though, to be able to direct the plane … it felt (back then) like freedom to me!
Could I afford it, I’d get started to get a license in heartbeat!

6 – I have a bad back. It is the result of many years having worked (as RN) on ICU-departments in the 70’s and 80’s. Back then there were no sufficient mechanical assists for lifting and pulling/pushing … and that messed up my back. I call it ICU-disease … and handle it.

7 – I had a very bad ski-accident when I was 15 during which I tore my anterior ligament of my left knee. Thanks to the sloppiness of SEVERAL orthopedists, that fact was NOT recognized for 30-plus years which results now in a situation in which they totally disintegrated and cause me significant discomfort. Despite, I do almost everything but can’t run anymore (I’d love to jogg) as basically bone bumps on bone .. which is NOT pleasant to say the least! Here and there an anti-inflammatory makes it easier …

8 – I have a garden in which there are tomatoes, peppers, squash (zucchini), cucumbers, green beans, cantaloupes, watermelon, eggplant, yellow pepper, yellow HOT pepper as well as parsley, mint (“nana”), basil and rosemary. Except the green beans and some early cucumbers, all is still growing and ripening. I really enjoy to incorporate “my” veggies into the new recipes or assemble “new” salads … needless to say I LOVE to cook and try out new recipes!

That’s it! Just for the heck of it I am passing on this tag to SHAM IN ASHRAFIE, MOUSSA and THE SYRIAN BRIT and AHMAD!


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