FIIIINALLY … on a personal basis

Yesterday, Friday 13th, was my lucky day!

After what felt like half an eternity, I FINALLY received the endorsement for my RN license of the state of Nebraska!!

A BIG THANK YOU to Kathy and Kelly of the local “Board of Registered Nursing” in Lincoln for having bent over backwards to help!! I owe you BIG TIME … you’re the BEST!!

California – don’t EVER whine anymore you need RNs!!!

I had applied there and was turned away with the sentence “We’re sorry, you’re license is expired (HOW IN THE WORLD can a license EXPIRE?? I understand it can become inactive … but expire? Does that mean ALL studies, knowledge and experience one collected over the many years is all of a sudden deleted? Erased?), you will have to start all over again!”

YEA RIGHT – 34 years in this profession together with countless courses and further training for nothing – I DON’T THINK SO!!

In short – I’m a happy camper to FINALLY have received what I seemingly have been waiting for ever!

I am MORE than ready to get started …


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