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Husband tells of wife’s struggle at Rafah passage

Occupied Jerusalem: “Please destroy the wall and let me get through to see my children before I die. I can’t stand it.” These were the last words of Sana’ Shanan, a 27-year-old woman from the Jabalyah camp who has been stuck at the Rafah passage, which has been closed for almost two months.

Egypt Imposes Curfew in Rafah

Cairo, Jul 20 (Prensa Latina) The Egyptian government has imposed a curfew in the border town of Rafah due to possible unrest of Palestinians trapped for over a month in the crossing terminal between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

Residents stranded at the Rafah Terminal – Archive

Four Palestinian factions organize a protest at the Rafah Border …

Four Palestinian factions organized on Thursday morning a protest at the Rafah Border Crossing, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, in protest to its continued closure while nearly six thousands of residents are stranded there since more than six weeks.

Abu Rudiynah: Israeli reports about Rafah crossing not true

Nabel Abu Rudiynah, spokesman for the Palestinian presidency, rebutted a report by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on Wednesday stating that the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas had asked Israelis to open the Israeli controlled Karem Abu Salem (Karem Shalom) crossing and close the Rafah crossing. Abu Rudiynah stated that the false report was aimed at widening the gap between Palestinians.

Israel Ignores Rafah Border Crisis

Despite the United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon’s call on the Zionist regime to re-open all crossings into the Gaza Strip, the Rafah crossing is still blocked, Alalam TV reported on Sunday.According to Alalam TV correspondent in Gaza despite UN secretary-general’s expressing “increasingly concerns” about the danger of economic collapse in the Gaza Strip and its impact on people’s routine life, the Zionist regime still denies to open the crossing while at least four thousands Palestinians have been stuck there for more than a month.


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