I need a break …

I am awfully tired of politics, of all this horrible injustice, brutality and suffering – I need to let my soul dangle, need to recharge my batteries.

I feel I said what I can say and did what I can do. I’m frustrated I wasn’t able to do more, to make at least a BIT of a difference …
That doesn’t mean I am going to abandon this blog as – it will slow down though.

I am a nature lover and do protect the environment to the best of my ability and knowledge. These, among MANY other issues, I plan to focus on! You will find as well eye-openers on my new blog … don’t be mistaken!

I called my new blog3RD ROCK FROM THE SUNbecause planet earth indeed IS the 3rd “rock” or planet from the sun and 4.6 billion years old … a fitting title it seems to me!

NO politics, only environmental issues, facts about the planet, and concerning a number of “-ologies” and “ographies” (like geology, geography, biology etc.) – that’s what it will be all about. On top .. cooking, jokes – and LOTS of interesting stuff!

I want to invite you all to stop by … I hope you’ll like what you’ll see!


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