Talks underway between Hamas, Fatah and other factions over formation of Second Unity Government

Still brothers …

Date: 03 / 08 / 2007 Time: 15:39

Bethlehem – Ma’an – High-ranking Hamas sources revealed to Ma’an on Friday that contact and dialogue have been established between Hamas dignitaries and Fatah representatives, in addition to the president’s office alongside the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine PFLP and the Palestinian People’s Party PPP, in order to set the basis of bringing to an end the state of division in the Palestinian aren’t.

The same source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, stated that intense consultations were being conducted between figures from Hamas, Fatah, the PPP, the PFLP and the Palestinian National Initiative.

Among those who met were Ghazi Hamad from Hamas, Jibreel Rajoub from Fatah, Bassam Salihi from the PPP, Abed ar Raheem Mallouh from the PFLP and Mustafa Barghouthi, representing the Palestinian National Initiative, in addition to former minister of education, Nasser Addin Ash Shaer.

They arranged to establish a national government of independent figures, to last for 9 months, or one year and a half. The security services will be restructured, and the security HQs will be turned over to President Abbas.

The sources added that the conveners discussed the presidential decrees which were issued by the Palestinian president during the violent takeover of the Gaza Strip.

The suggested proposals are to entrust Palestinian national committees to take care of the security headquarters, due to the absence of security service members in the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, two security services will be formed only, the police and national security, as the Palestinian arena “does not need several security services with over 80,000 members”.

The Executive Force might well also be assimilated into the police service, in order to avoid having any security service with a factional affiliation.

It was agreed that the Palestinian National Security Council will be activated, “according to the right standards”.

Many of the former security members will also be absorbed into the ministries and other governmental institutions.



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