I owe you a BIG apology!

OMG – I can’t believe I did that, I am totally shocked!
I’ll tell you what happened …

I just finished to chat with a very dear friend who casually mentioned during our conversation she had commented on one of my posts but the comment never showed up and asked if there was a problem! I told her I’d not be aware of anything unusual and confided to her, I really miss to be in touch with my readers – I love interaction, dialogue and am awfully tired of holding monologues which bore me terribly.

We continued talking and all of a sudden she asked me if by chance I had enabled “comment moderation” and forgotten about it … and suddenly all I could utter was “OMG …” the sledge hammer had hit me smack in the face: that was IT, THAT’S what had happened!

I went right away to check and there were ALL your wonderful comments which I had so dearly missed!

I am no friend of comment moderation to say the least – I remember though having received several very dirty and sleezy comments which definitely have NO place on my blog and finally didn’t leave me any other choice but to moderate at least temporarily. Well – in the meantime almost three weeks passed and I had totally forgotten – and feel terribly embarassed!

I hope you all can forgive me … I’ll do my best to go back and respond to each single of your comments! Please keep on telling me your thoughts, opinion, your stand, view … your ideas!

It’s not necessary to agree to one another, it’s only natural we have different opinions – MAIN THING is to respect one another, to try to find a common denominator, if necessary to agree to disagree – and to keep on talking!

BIG PROMISE it won’t happen anymore!


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